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Socialite is the FIRST Social networking script developed on Laravel with all enhanced features, Pixel perfect design and extremely user friendly. User interface and user experience are extra added features to Socialite. Months of research, passion and hard work had made the Socialite more flexible, feature-available and very user friendly!


Be social with your posts, let others know

  • About you
  • With whom you are enjoying or hanging out or partying or what ever
  • Which music you are listening to
  • What video you are watching
  • Where are you
  • Make your post healthier with Emoticons
  • Add photos to your post
  • Hashtags and mentions add extra flavor to your post
  • Posts can be shared on third part websites like Facebook, Twitter and custom embed
  • Locations on post takes you to maps

Multi Level Comment With Replies

Commenting to the post is an old version! Commenting to the comment, replying, liking and unliking the sub-comment is the trending one.

Powerful Groups – Private, Public and Secret

Groups are developed in a structured way and comes in three types. Many advanced features are available for groups:

  • The group admins can add members,
  • Users can send join requests according to the group privacy
  • Groups admins can manage privacy settings with many options
  • Group admins can assign roles and permissions to all group members
  • Any group can be reported if it’s a Spam
  • And many more!

Hashtags and Mentions

Hashtags are more powerful like a page and helps in SEO. Mentions make the post to be more social and the mentioned person gets a notification that he was mentioned in a post


  • User profile comes with their posts, followers, following, liked pages, joined groups, their own pages and own groups, bio data, etc.,
  • User can manage their privacy settings and can restrict who comments on his posts or posts on his timeline or likes his comments/posts or follows him/her and many more!
  • User can add his social links too!

Categorized Pages

Pages comes with categories which helps for SEO

  • Page admins can add members to the page
  • Any can be liked and disliked
  • Page admins can assign roles and permissions to all page members
  • Any page can be reported if it’s a Spam
  • And many more!


Users can create events along with location which enables google maps for all the events. The date and location selection for event creation is very flexible to the user.

Events in Groups

User is fortunate to create events in any type of group and it will be very flexible to the group admins to invite members of the group to the event.

Unified Search

Ability to search users, pages and all types of groups in the magical search box, differentiating them accordingly!

Real Time Notifications

The user can be notified when there is any action on his profile or page or group. There are totally 20+ real time notifications. User can ON or OFF for receiving email when he gets a notification.

Advertisement Blocks

Socialite has ad blocks through out the application without disturbing the design or creating any annoyance to the user. Admins can change ads at any point of time.

Multi Language System

Socialite comes with most popular languages used through out the world and we have developed our custom Laravel package to add any language to the application.

Advanced User Settings

We have provided advanced options for user’s general and privacy settings so that he can manage his profile or posts in a very custom way


Makes the users to enjoy with Posts, photos, videos, suggested users, trending tags and many more!

Infinite Scroll

Let’s keep a check to old fashioned load more buttons! To improve user experience, Socialite comes with infinite scroll which loads the posts until it reaches the last one.

Pre Recorded Announcement

Admin can post any number of announcements, only one can be active at any point of time. Start date and end date add extra flavor to announcement system. Admin can track how many people have seen his announcement!

Affiliate System

Socialite comes with an enhanced feature called affiliate system. Any user can join with or without using the affiliate code and the users can share their affiliate links in their social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Fight Against Spam

Socialite strictly fights against SPAM. Any user can report other users, pages, groups and posts if they are SPAM. Admin can manage reports and can remove them or mark them as safe.

Perfect Admin Dashboard

Socialite offers powerful admin dashboard with enhanced features

Complete real time statistics

It gives a brief overview regarding the statistics of pages, users, followers, groups, posts and its likes, shares, comments etc,. Just by a glance, you can easily what’s going on!

Advanced settings

The admin can set all the important settings in this page which includes email-adresses, social links, default language, site name etc,. The settings mentioned here act as default settings.

User settings

Default settings for user can set here, i.e whenever a user is registered, he/she can have these settings by default and they can easily change according to their requirements

Custom pages

Custom pages is an enhanced feature in Socialite.

  • The admin can create any number of custom pages and these pages are available in the footer.
  • The admin can edit or delete the pages easily
  • If you don’t want to delete the page and don’t want your users to see it, then you can set your page’s status as INACTIVE
  • The pages only with status ACTIVE are visible in the footer


Version 3.1 (17 July 2017)
    – New: Link preview feature
    – New: Fully customisable homepage
    – New: Switch languages in the browser
    – New: User can change languages of his own
    – New: Landing page is out with new look.
    – New: To save a post, which you are interested in
    – New: To save an event of your interest
    – New: To save a group of your interest
    – New: To save a page of your interest
    – New: To add google maps API key dynamically
    – Fix: Delete comment issue
    – Fix: Closed group settings page issue
    – Fix: Category remove issue in admin panel
    – Fix: Small issues with social logins

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