How Much Can You Earn from, RevContent, Outbrain Nati

How Much Can You Earn from, RevContent, Outbrain Native Ad Networks?

If you search that question on Google, the vast majority of the results are articles created by professional firms who have researched the topic but have little to no direct experience with their own websites.

I would like to share some real numbers from my own sites to give you a flavor for both the level of revenue per page view and some of the important contributing factors. As you might guess, every website is different and the content of the website, source of traffic to the website and the native ad network you use heavily influence the earnings.

Native Ads Performance by Website Category

The results you’ll see below are from websites that are in three niches: General News, Health and Arbitrage.

  • The general news sites include content about a variety of news categories including technology, sports, finance, business, health and science.
  • The health site spans a range of topics from pregnancy to nutrition to anatomy.
  • Arbitrage is much more of a method than a niche, but I gave it this classification because the traffic is purchased from native ad providers. The content includes entertainment, tech, sports and fashion-makeup.

The following data is the Revenue per Thousand Page Impressions (called RPM or sometimes eCPM) for the native ad widgets positioned below the post content. All of these sites also had at least three Adsense ads elsewhere on the page, always above the widget.

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